Sushi Cloud Co-Founder Talks Cloud Compute With the Wall Street Journal

14 July 2022

Sushi Cloud co-founder Shauna O'Flaherty talked to Aaron Tilley from the Wall Street Journal recently. The Wall Street Journal OnlineAmazon, Microsoft, Google Strengthen Grip on Cloud; Three companies account for about two-thirds of cloud spending and are using their size to maintain their hold on r...


Sushi Cloud Dishes Up All-You-Can-Eat, Bare Metal Cloud Compute Up To 78% Cheaper Than Big Tech

01 July 2022

Taking aim at some of the world’s largest technology providers, Sushi Cloud, a challenger cloud computing company, today revealed details about its bare metal cloud compute platform. Offering all-you-can-eat, 100% bare metal cloud compute, Sushi Cloud breaks the legacy business models established ...